Our Story

We invite you to become a part of our story.

"We are a racially diverse community of Bible-based Christians bringing a message of hope, healing, and reconciliation to the city of Memphis and to the world through the life-changing love of Jesus Christ."

The Pursuit Church Memphis began in January 2011. The new mission began to meet in small groups (Neighborhood Groups) in the homes of church planters Dr. Mondonico & LaToshia Williams and Matt & Erin Moore. The planters began to train and teach a core team of 25 people in missional living and what it meant to pursuit both God and Man.

Historically, the Pursuit Church Memphis has been considered a nomadic church. Throughout nine moves, Pursuit has maintained a diverse group of Christ followers. It is a true multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural, and multigenerational church. We long for the day that God will give us our promise land, but until then we will be faithful stewards of wherever He leads us.

Diverse community, discipleship, mission, membership, and the truth (of the Gospel)–in a multiethnic setting–is what Pursuit is founded upon. Our strategy is simply taken from the mission field. Instead of viewing ourselves as churchgoers, we view ourselves as urban missionaries who are here to make disciples of Jesus Christ, share the Gospel, and our lives with the saved and the lost. Our goal is to be a Matthew 28:18-20 church. We want to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

As a means of growth, we strongly believe in missional communities (neighborhood groups) and discipleship. We believe in order to grow our church that there are two events that must take place: Sunday celebration service and Neighborhood group gathering (small missional group). Each of these events must take place at least one time a week. Over the years, God has graced us to train and send out disciple makers all over the world. Some on short term mission trips, some to other churches (both established and plants), and some on long-term missions. Jesus is truly the center of everything we do and we believe in a vertical and a horizontal pursuit.


Diverse Community
Not limited to the realm of Christian fellowship, Community can be experienced around any common interests. The goal of community is to incorporate those that believe they have very little reason to look to Christ for life. In addition, Christ-followers can engage a deeper sense of community with each other in regular partnership in Kingdom work in Memphis.
This is the Jesus-prescribed method of reproducing the Faith. The Great Commission calls us to "make disciples", which is realized in the context of Gospel-centered relationships. At Pursuit Church Memphis all followers of Christ are engaged in discipleship.
Our relationship with Christ permeates every area of our lives, especially our purpose. As "elect exiles", we must be constantly aware of the needs around us, ministering with the Gospel at every possible opportunity. A missional church will not be realized until we embrace our call to incarnate the Gospel.
The apostle Paul describes the body of Christ as having many members. Each of us, as members of the body, must work toward fulfilling the ministries God has given us. Using our gifts and abilities together, we can see the Church function to God's glory.
Jesus, when praying to the Father for the disciples said, "Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is Truth." Our hope is that the truth of God's Word would lay the foundation for faithful service in the city.


"To make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that Jesus has commanded."


"To extend the Pursuing love of Christ to our city and to our World."


"To prepare for the harvest that God is sending."


  1. To plan and prepare each member personally.
  2. To plan and prepare the church corporately.

*Personal preparation has to do with each member being spiritually healthy enough to reproduce Christ. The way to equip the members to be spiritually healthy is by encouraging them to practice three important spiritual disciplines: 1) Prayer, 2) fasting, and 3) meditating on the Word of God.

*Corporate Preparation has to do with ensuring that the right leaders with the right spiritual gifts are in the right area. It is what Jim Collins calls "who is on the bus."


At the Pursuit Church Memphis, we hold our leadership to the high standards of God's word. We take the calling to steward God's people and resources very seriously, and value transparency, authenticity, and diversity. If you have any questions about Pursuit's vision, mission, and operations don't hesitate to ask any of our capable team members.


Our neighborhood groups are an extension of the transparent and Christ-centered fellowship we share on Sunday mornings. So what should you expect? We rotate meeting in church members' homes (Tuesday group) and the Pursuit House of Hope (Wednesday group). Everyone is welcome, so don't hesitate to bring your kids. We share a pot-luck style meal together from 6pm and begin our study from 7pm.

Are you interested in attending one of our small groups?